Links and Other Items of Interest to the Red Army Re-enactor
Soviet History
Weapons related sites
Recommended Reading and Viewing
Soviet Infantry Tactics in World War II
Charles C. Sharp
Russia's Heroes
Albert Axell
Recommended Books, not links search
Red Road From Stalingrad
Mansur Abdulin
Tank Rider
Evgeni Bessonov
On the Road to Stalingrad
Zoya Medvedeva
Red Army Handbook
Zaloga and Ness
Fighting in Hell
Peter Tsouras
The Volga Rises in Europe
Curzio Malaparte
Women in War and Resistance: Selected Biographies of Soviet Women Soldiers
Kazimiera J. Cottam
The Road to Stalingrad
The Road to Berlin
John Erickson
The Eastern Front in Photographs
John and Ljubica Erickson
Russian Language and Culture
Excellent on-line source!  Language Tutorials.
Other Links of Interest
Russian Music Videos
Great music by the group Lyube
Incredible film footage.
MTV can't even come close!
Incredible Site!  You can be in here for hours.  Ability to read Russian will help
Not Lyube, but a moving tribute to Soviet/Russian Military/Partizan Women.