On December 6, 2002 we lost our friend and comrade Grace Brooks. She was an active member of the 193rd Rifle Division and the Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society/16th Virginia Infantry.

Das vadonya, Anya. Your smile will linger in our hearts.

Asenka Vassilliovna Karpova
...Her death will always remain forever with me for the rest of my life. She will be sadly missed at future events where she will no longer be among us in the ranks/field.

This former Vietnam Vet will always remember Grace BROOKS.

John S. Niemiec/Evan Stephenovich
193rd Rifle Division
I remember Grace. I cannot say that I knew her very well having only spent a short time with her at a few events this year. The funny thing about our hobby is that with only a short time in our self inflicted weekend hardships, you can start friendships that seem as important as those you have spent a lifetime developing. You could not have met Grace and not been affected by her shy yet cheerful and positive attitude ... many of us will meet again at Street and Newville, and some of us may get a little misty-eyed as we share stories after the battles. That's OK, as good Russians are not afraid to show their emotions. Grace, I feel, is still with us - still contributing, as we now know the true loss of a fallen comrade, and we now share the common soldier's bittersweet memories. We will miss you Asenka, we will remember you.

Jeff Plavier

193rd Rifle Division
...Grace was a friend of mine from Civil War re-enacting, and she talked me into coming to what would be the first East Front event either of us had done. I joined the 4th Squad of the 193rd Rifle Division with her ... I will miss Grace very much and I will always remember the time I spent with her.

Sean Pridgeon

193rd Rifle Division

In honor of the loss of Ms. Grace Brooks of the 193rd Rifle Division ... we will be changing the name of our own 49th Guards 1910 Maxim to Graceful Anya. Our sorrows are with our comrades at this time. Ms. Grace Brooks spirit will also live with us here on the West Coast.

Jim Sullivan, Unit Leader
49th Guards, 144th Rifle Division
We Comrades of the 52nd Guards wish to express our deepest sympathy to Grace Brook's family, friends and her Comrades of the 193rd Rifles. A tragic loss, and the world, as well as our small mutual hobby, shall be the poorer for it.

DJ Moss, Commanding
52nd Guards

... For the short time that I knew her, Grace impressed me as a person who possessed the qualities of a kind and compassionate woman, as well as being thoughtful, considerate, honest and having a really great sense of humor ... I don't feel that Grace would want us moping around bedecked in black with gloom in our eyes; rather, since she was so full of life, she would want us to continue with the same hope and expectations that she instilled upon us.

Jos. Granata
116th Penna. Vol. Inf.

I was shocked to learn of the loss of Grace. In the short time that I knew her she gave me some life long memories ... laughing with her after the battle at Bedford ... almost tripping over me while going up the stairs. My only regret concerning Grace is that I did not get a chance to know her better. This letter will not assuage your anguish of her loss, however know that people like me ... and her friends will keep her alive always in their memories.

Chris Goshey
193rd Rifle Division

Friend - We cadets at VMI have added Grace's family to our prayers. Many of us know girls at Mary Baldwin and some of my fellow Keydets knew her. It was sad finding out what had happened the next day. Strange that I would get more information through re-enacting about the incident than through friends here and from Mary Baldwin. We'll keep the family in our prayers throughout the holiday season.

Taylor Smith
VMI 03+3
1st Texas Co.L

Anya - Gracie - had a smile that lit up the room. She was particular about photos of herself and I can almost hear her saying "but there are SPOTS on my shirt and I look silly and ...".

Still a good photo of you, Gracie.

Vicky Aldrich/Dovile Vilimaite
193rd Rifle Division